Project Objective:

To repair old balconies and bring them up to code, repair and replace areas of crumbling brick, and stop leaks.

Sealcon Solution:

  • Constructed a complex system of lifts and swing stage setups to access hard-to-reach work areas on walls and balconies
  • Completed extensive concrete removal and concrete forming / repouring on balcony surfaces using Sikacrete®-08 SCC
  • Applied a Tremco™ OC810 urethane low-odour, low VOC waterproof, slip-resistant coating to all balconies to protect the concrete from the elements and foot traffic
  • Replaced all damaged mortar and bricks
  • Installed BLOK-LOK mechanical anchors on upper walls to help secure the brick to the structure, and minimize future cracking
  • Resealed windows and control joints with high-performance Tremco™ Dymonic 100 polyurethane sealant


During this 2-year project, balconies were repaired and brought back up to code, crumbling bricks and mortar were replaced and restored, resulting in a safer, and more attractive exterior for current and prospective tenants, as well as leak proofing to protect the interior and building envelope.

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